Un libro che guardiamo per curiosità che altro. Si tratta del primo volume di una serie (che si trova su internet) di una enciclopedia illustrata pubblicata del 1922.

Alcune delle cose scritte ora fanno ridere ( e anche piangere) e vi fanno pensare a come le cose sono cambiate in 100 anni. In ogni caso date un’occhiata al volume qui sotto.


[flownews_blockquotes align=”center” background=”#ed0202″ color=”#eeeeee”]One of the mysteries which science has not yet fathomed is the extraordinary difference in the length of life of various animals. The May-fly for example, which springs from its pupa case at 1 o’clock is approaching old age by 4, and by 5 o’clock is dead; while it is believed that there are whales alive today which might have beheld the landing of the Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock.

Here we see the maximum age attained by many of the commoner creatures. Some of these ages, such as that of the golden eagle, are matters of actual record. In the case of whales, turtles, and some other long-lived animals, age is estimated from the rate of growth of whalebone, shell, etc.[/flownews_blockquotes]