Le fiabe di Esopo in inglese non sono proprio letteratura inglese come sappiamo tutti, ma abbiamo trovato una bella versione illustrata gratuita e una versione audio ottima per chi vuole fare pratica.

La versione illustrata da Ernest Grisset risale al 1874 e dovete darci un occhiata, qua sotto potete vedere alcune delle illustrazioni ma in totale sono 120.  Potete andare qui e leggerla online o scaricarla sul vostro PC  o anche Kindle. Se invece volete ascoltare le fiabe di Esopo in inglese qui trovate tutto da scaricare legalmente.



THE DOG AND HIS SHADOW. A Dog, bearing in his mouth a piece of meat that he had stolen, was crossing a smooth stream by means of a plank. Looking in, he saw what he took to be another dog carrying another piece of meat. Snapping greedily to get this as well, he let go the meat that he had, and lost it in the stream. JUPITER AND THE CAMEL. The Camel once upon a time complained to Jupiter that he was not as well served as he ought to be in the means of defence and offence. ” The bull,” said he, ” has horns, the boar, tusks, and the lion and tiger, formidable claws and fangs that make them feared and respected on all sides. I, on the other hand, have to put up with the abuse of all who choose to insult me.” Jupiter angrily told him that if he would take the trouble to think, he would see that he was endowed with qualities shared by no other beast ; but that, as a punishment for his un- reasonable importunity, henceforward his ears should be shortened.



Le fiabe di Esopo in inglese sono brevissime e carine e vanno bene anche se siete ad un livello intermediato di inglese. Potete leggerne un paio alla volta, senza stancarvi troppo e fare un po’ pratica di inglese. Anche se un libro vecchio l’inglese è piuttosto moderno e decisamente non arcaico.

Illustrazioni da questa edizione di fiabe di Esopo in inglese