Libro gratuito di fiabe e racconti celtici

A chi non piacciono i racconti celtici?  Oggi abbiamo un libro che potete scaricare gratis o leggere qui sotto di fiabe e racconti celtici.

Questo libro ha oltre 100 anni ma è piacevolmente illustrato e i racconti sono raccolti dal noto folklorista australiano Joseph Jacobs. Non si tratta quindi di un libro qualunque e la versione online mantiene intatte le illustrazioni.

Qui sotto potete leggere come Jacobs stesso ha definito questo libro.

"In the present volume I have proceeded on much the same lines as those which I laid down for myself in 
compiling its predecessor. In making my selection I have attempted to select the tales common both to Erin 
and Alba. I have included, as specimen of the Irish mediaeval hero tales, one of the three sorrowful tales of 
Erin : "The Tale of the Children of Lir." For the "drolls" or "comic relief" of the volume, I have again drawn upon 
the inexhaustible Kennedy, while the great J. F. Campbell still stands out as the most prominent figure in the history 
of the Celtic Fairy Tale. 

In my method of telling I have continued the practice which I adopted in the previous volume : where I considered the language too complicated for children, I have 
simplified ; where an incident from another parallel version seemed to add force to the narrative I have inserted it ; 
and in each case mentioned the fact in the corresponding notes. As former statements of mine on this point have 
somewhat misled my folklore friends, I should, perhaps, add that the alterations on this score have been much 
slighter than they have seemed, and have not affected anything of value to the science of folk-lore."


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