canaryPotete leggere questo libro che parla delle Canarie come erano oltre un secolo fa. Potete anche solo guardare ‘le figure’, e non ci sarebbe niente di male visto che le illustrazioni di Ella Du Cane sono molto belle.

Il testo e la descrizione delle isole era invece di Florence Du Cane. Le due erano sorelle nate in Tasmania da famiglia britannica e la più famosa delle due era indubbiamente Ella che girò il mondo facendo illustrazioni per libri. Nata nel 1874 morì nel 1943.

Il libro comincia lamentandosi di quanto fosse brutta Tenerife

Probably many people have shared my feeling of disappointment on landing at Santa Cruz. I had long ago realised that few places come up to the standard of one’s preconceived ideas, so my mental picture was not in this case a very beautiful one ; but even so, the utter hideousness of the capital of Teneriffe was a shock to me. Unusually clear weather at sea had shown us our first glimpse of the Peak, rising like a phantom mountain out of the clouds when 100 miles distant, but as we drew nearer to land the clouds had gathered, and the cone was wrapped in a mantle of mist.

There is no disappointment attached to one’s first impression of the Island as seen from the sea. The jagged range of hills seemed to come sheer down to the coast, and appeared to have been torn and rent by some extraordinary upheaval of Nature ; the deep ravines (or barrancos as I after-wards learnt to call them) were full of dark blue mysterious shadows, a deeply indented coast-line stretched far away in the distance, and 1 thought the land well deserved to be called one of the Fortunate Islands.

Se volete scaricare il libro o leggerlo online potete farlo qui. Il libro è nel Public Domain e potete quindi fare quello che volete.